• Larry Thompson

Drip Dispersal Systems

Have you been denied a septic permit in the past? In some cases, subsurface drip dispersal system may be a solution for you. If you have at least 13 inches of suitable soil in a large enough area, we can design a drip dispersal system for your site.

Subsurface drip dispersal is an efficient method for dispersal of wastewater into the soil. It is a precise method for applying wastewater effluent over an infiltration surface in small volume doses throughout the day. The uniformity of the dosing and equal distribution can be designed and operated to provide for unsaturated flow over the entire infiltration area. The unique feature of drip dispersal networks is the use of uniformly spaced drip emitters that are inserted within flexible tubing to control the rate of wastewater discharges out the tubing through small orifices. Typically, the dripperline is installed directly into the soil without aggregate or other media. Pumps are used to fill and pressurize the dripperline sufficiently to achieve uniformity of distribution. Contact Thompson Environmental Consulting to see if your site is a candidate! #DripDispersalSystem #AlternativeSepticSystem #SepticSystemService


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