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Expedited Septic Permitting

Most local environmental health departments in the Piedmont of North Carolina are currently running a backlog of soil and site evaluations for septic permitting. In Union County, the wait can be anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks! Thompson Environmental receives a lot of calls for help in expediting the process, which has prompted this post.

Thompson Environmental several options to help you to determine whether you should pursue a particular piece of property or, if you already own the property, help with expediting the permitting process. If you need to know if a parcel will support the installation of a septic system prior to purchase, and cannot wait for the county to evaluate it, we can perform a soil and site evaluation which will outline your septic options. If you are ready to obtain a septic permit, or need help overcoming site limitations that prevent the county from issuing a septic permit, we can assist with that as well.

Expedited septic permitting consists of a package prepared for the county (septic system proposal) that includes a soil and site evaluation as well as a septic system installation narrative and scaled septic layout with all of your site improvements shown (house location, driveway, garage, storage building, pool, well location, etc.). A septic system proposal can cut your wait time in half.

Another septic permitting option that we now have is the Engineered Option Permit. This can be viewed as a "design build team" consisting of a soil scientist (yours truly) a professional engineer and a licensed septic installer. Once the soil work and septic design have been completed and submitted to the county for a "completeness review", you will be able to go to work in 15 days or less.

Regardless of your needs, when it comes to soil suitability or septic system permitting, we can help. Contact Thompson Environmental Consulting for more information!

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