• Larry Thompson

Session Law 2018-114 (Regulatory Reform Act)

House Bill 374 has become Session Law 2018-114 and Section 11(c) is especially nice for the North Carolina Licensed Soil Scientist (LSS) and the property owners that we work with. In summary, the LSS can now submit a soil report along with design and construction features for a new system, or repair of an existing system, which shall be approved by the applicable permitting authorities under G.S. 130A-336 and G.S. 130A-336.1, provided certain conditions are met.

You may not think this is big news, but it is. This law will help remove the subjectivity of soil calls and allow the professionals to perform work for their clients with a higher level of confidence. By way of example, several years ago I worked on a lot that had been denied a septic permit due to the soil depth in one pit being 1-inch too shallow. I evaluated the pit in question and was convinced that the soil structure was suitable to a depth 2-inches deeper than where the county had called it "unsuitable". Try as I might, there was no additional consideration given (I kid you not)! Thanks to Session Law 2018-114, this will never happen again! #NCLicensedSoilScientist #ThompsonEnvironmental #SepticPermitting