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The Wallflower

Just finished up a septic design this evening for a property that was previously evaluated by a competitor. This happens from time to time. I know who has been on a property by their flagging tape, pin flags, etc. Everyone has their own style, and everyone has different skill sets... but often the skill sets and the prices do not align - as evidenced by the number of jobs that I am requested to come in and finish.

These are the times that I see in myself the archetypical wallflower at a school dance. I may not be the first person one's eyes are drawn to. That slot is usually filled by the popular kid who thinks he's all that, but who is seen the days after graduation as a looming question mark. It is the wallflower who looks at the dance and actually plans.

There have been times when I am not the first person clients are drawn to, but being a wallflower has its advantages. When it is my turn, I am driven to find a workable solution at a reasonable price. I am constantly thinking of ways to better my company, as well as ways to ensure customer satisfaction. Most importantly, I am constantly looking forward to a brighter future. The many success stories that my happy customers have to tell are helping to make that future a reality!

I suppose this goes to show that in business, as in life, when the popular kid draws up short, the wallflower will always be there to get the job done! Contact Thompson Environmental! #TEC #SepticSolutions

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