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Engineered Option Permits?

The Engineered Option Permit (EOP) is an alternative process for wastewater system approvals implemented in North Carolina on November 1, 2016. It is gaining popularity with individuals, builders and developers who are seeking faster permit approvals and more flexibility when it comes to pretreatment options.

Once a Licensed Soil Scientist has performed a soil and site evaluation, a Professional Engineer will design the system, prepare a Notice of Intent (EOP Common Form) and submit to the local health department (LHD) for a "completeness review". The LHD has 15 business days to review the EOP package for completeness and, if deemed complete, issue the permit approval.

Think of the EOP as a "Design Build" process that will allow you to engage a team of professionals to test, design and install your system in a turn-key package. This can be done relatively quickly and, in some cases, at a significant cost savings to the client! Contact Thompson Environmental Consulting to learn more. #AlternativeSeptic #EngineeredOptionPermit #SepticSystemService

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