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Pump Out that Septic Tank!

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

I have received a ton of requests for septic tank pump outs over the past two weeks... and I do not pump out septic tanks! It is that time of the year, and I will continue to receive these calls for help until late Spring. It is the wettest part of the year and older systems with thick clogging mats tend to fail when the ground is saturated.

How can you prevent this? Maintain your septic system! Don't wait until there is a problem to have your tank pumped out, watch what you put into your septic tank and have your tank pumped out on a regular basis. This will keep the solids in your tank at a managed level and will help slow biomat or clogging mat formation in your septic drainfield. Over time the suspended solids from your tank will find their way out into your drainfield area and clog soil pores, leading to a septic failure.

How often should you pump out your septic tank? Well, that depends upon the size of your septic tank, the amount of water that you are using in your home and the amount of solids that you are putting into your tank. Sounds complicated, right? To help simplify matters, here is a recommended pump out frequency chart that you can use (if you use a garbage disposal, you will want to pump out more frequently than what this guide recommends):

Again, if you use a garbage disposal, you should pump out your tank more frequently. If you are a heavy user, a garbage disposal can almost double the amount of solids going into your septic tank!

Do not pour fats, oils or greases down the drain. These harden in the tank and can clog pipes. Household cleaners used in moderation will not harm your septic system but large doses of any chemical can kill the beneficial bacteria and soil microorganisms that keep your septic system functioning properly.

Are septic tank additives needed? No, they are not! There have been several studies conducted on this and all have shown that additives do not increase beneficial bacterial action in the tank and, with some products, they can actually harm the tank or even our groundwater. Save your money for a regular pump out!

In summary, be mindful of what you put into your septic system and keep your septic tank pumped out on a regular basis. Of course, if you do need a recommendation for a septic pumper, you can always contact Thompson Environmental Consulting! #ThompsonEnvironmental #SepticSystemMaintenance #PumpThatTank

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