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Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Testing?

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

Saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat) testing is required in North Carolina when seeking a reduction in the required vertical separation between a septic system trench bottom and a unsuitable soil feature by pre-treating wastewater effluent; or, if you are attempting to justify a higher long-term acceptance rate (LTAR) for wastewater disposal on a particular site.

Saturated hydraulic conductivity is a quantitative measure of a saturated soil's ability to transmit water when subjected to a hydraulic gradient. It can be thought of as the ease with which pores of a saturated soil permit water movement. The North Carolina On-Site Water Protection Branch has issued recommended guidance for in-situ measurement of saturated hydraulic conductivity for constant well head permeameter method. Contact Thompson Environmental Consulting for more information on Ksat testing! #Ksat #SaturatedHydraulicConductivity #Pretreatment

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