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Septic Pretreatment - Go Green!

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Over the past year we have been working with Norwalk Wastewater Treatment Company (Norweco) and their Singulair Green® TNT (total nitrogen treatment system) aerobic treatment unit. To summarize: I'm impressed! We have sold and installed eight of these units on some challenging sites that had been previously denied a septic permit and they are performing excellently!

The Norweco Singulair Green® TNT units are capable of treating flows up to 600 gallons per day and are an excellent option for single family residences and small businesses. The self-contained units are lightweight (easy to transport and install), watertight, durable, and offered at a competitive price.

There are many advantages to the Singulair Green® units such as NSF 40/46 approvals, fractional horsepower aerator (quiet, economical to operate, long bearing life), flow equalization with the bio-kinetic system, tank construction (durable one-piece UV stabilized high density polyethylene tank), choice of disinfection options (chlorine or UV lamp), and one of the best warranties in the business (3 years)!

Thompson Environmental has purposefully waited a year before making a full recommendation on the Norweco Singulair Green® aerobic treatment unit, wanting to make sure that our clients would be getting everything that the company claims this unit delivers. If you are looking for an affordable, well performing, wastewater treatment option that is backed by an industry leading warranty, contact Thompson Environmental today!

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