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Test Before You Buy!

Within the past week I have worked on two properties that were purchased without having soil and site evaluations for septic tank suitability performed prior to the closings. Guess what? Both properties were denied a septic system permit.

In one situation the property owner informed me that it was "just too good of a deal to pass up". The other property owner "fell in love" with the view and was determined to purchase the property even if it required "living off the grid". Fortunately, we have found a septic solution for both of these sites, albeit expensive ones!

If the price is too good to be true, trust but verify. If you are getting pushed to purchase property with a short due diligence period, be careful! The first step when considering any property that will require a septic system is to verify that the land will support the installation of a septic system and, if so, what type system? How much will it cost to install the appropriate system type?

In North Carolina, a soil and site evaluation for septic tank suitability can be performed by the local environmental health department or by a licensed soil scientist. The local health department is the permitting authority and always a good start. If their backlog is to great, or the county gives you little hope of obtaining a septic permit in a timely manner, we can assist. Regardless of how you handle your due diligence period, by all means, have your soils tested prior to purchase! Opting not to do this can be a very costly mistake! For more information, contact Thompson Environmental Consulting! #ThompsonEnvironmental #SoilTestingService #SepticSystems

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